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Our hens not only meet organic standards, they far exceed them! Raised on pasture, with local, organic, ancient varieties of grains, these hens produce eggs like they were generations ago.

On our farm, we don't aim for our hens to lay as many as eggs as possible, as quickly as possible and as cheaply as possible. We aim to raise hens in alignment to Nature's brilliance and we opt out of using any pesticides, GMOs, antibiotics and much more! In short, we want our hens to live as they were intended. This results in some of the most nutrient dense eggs available.

Try our eggs in the summer, fall and winter and you will notice slight variations in the color of the yolk, flavor and nutrient profiles. This is because our hens forage for a big portion of their diet and as various vegetation in our pastures comes in and out of season, it affects the eggs giving you a true seasonal egg.

Let's take your meals, Beyond Organic!

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