Exceeding Organic Standards: Introduction

Jun 18 , 2023

Andrew Vlcek

Exceeding Organic Standards: Introduction

We are asked this a lot and there is a lot to unload to answer that question. In efforts to provide a more comprehensive answer, we will be doing a series of blog posts to help better educate and provide insight on what it means when we "Exceed Organic Standards."

At Nature's Grove Farm, we take immense pride in cultivating a farming philosophy that transcends the confines of government-certified organic standards. Our mission revolves around transparency, sustainable practices, and delivering the utmost quality food to our cherished customers. We often are asked, “What do you mean you exceed organic standards?” In short, we have chosen to adopt a more comprehensive and regenerative approach which you see us refer to as, "Exceeding Organic Standards." Just a quick mention, we are moving away from the term "Beyond Organic" to avoid any confusion with “Beyond Meats,” which does not align with our beliefs and principles.

Let's delve into the government-certified organic topic and shed light on why our approach exceeds its limitations.

The term "organic" is exclusively owned by the federal government, requiring official certification from a government agency for its use. Add to that, the existing government-certified organic program fails to fully embody our values and principles. Rather than conforming to a system that may compromise our high standards, we have embraced a holistic perspective on sustainable and regenerative farming. Here, we highlight areas where government-certified organic falls short and where we excel, surpassing those standards.

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