Exceeding Organic Standards: Part 1 Nutrition & Toxicity

Jun 18 , 2023

Andrew Vlcek

Exceeding Organic Standards: Part 1 Nutrition & Toxicity

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Government-certified organic foods often fall short in terms of nutritional value. The organic certification only regulates against toxicity while nutritional standards have no consideration. It is worth to note that even though the program looks to remove toxins from your food, some are deemed ok and given a pass. Various chlorine materials, sodium silicate, among others are allowed and commonly used. Organic poultry, for example, is sterilized with a bath of chlorine dioxide. So while the government certification has its targets set on toxicity, a lot slips through the cracks.

While there seems to be a swirl of activity around toxins in our food, nutrition is absent of any attention. Making a nutritionally dense tomato is not as much of a concern as to grow a tomato that can survive a trip from California to Pennsylvania. That is much more attractive to the big producers. We see in poultry, bigger, fatter, faster, cheaper are the metrics that everyone measures by. And when those are your metrics, you get chicken that tastes like cardboard and lacks any real nutrition, organic or not.

At Nature's Grove Farm, we firmly believe that your chicken should not only be toxic free, but nutrition should be of paramount consideration as well. That’s why our chicken has so much more flavor. You are literally tasting those rich minerals, proteins, vitamins and many other nutrients that exist because of the extra work we put in to raise our chickens. We strive to provide products that surpass these standards, ensuring exceptional nutritional value for our customers.

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